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ProductsWe Have More Trees in our Studio than shown on the WEBSITE..pls visit us!
Solid Cherry Planter TraySolid Cherry Planter Tray
Chinese Juinper SaikeiChinese Juinper Saikei
Japanese Shimpaku JuniperJapanese Shimpaku Juniper
Japanese Juniper BonsaiJapanese Juniper Bonsai
Old Man in The MountainOld Man in The MountainNew Hampshire's classic Icon scene that is unfortunately...no longer can be seen!

Grace your Home or Office with this beauty!
Japanese Juniper Full Cascade
Ficus BenjaminaFicus Benjamina
Large Japanese JuniperLarge Japanese Juniper
Japanese Juniper Cascade with TrayJapanese Juniper Cascade with Tray
Ficus BanyanFicus Banyan
Custom Bonsai Cherry StandCustom Bonsai Cherry StandWhen the presentation of you Bonsai warrants an 'extra' touch....please consider one of our Custom Designed Hardwood stands. Our design considers the individual drain locations on your Bonsai pot and then connects them with a canal like feature to allow any excess moisture to settle before evaporation!

A personal phone consultation is necessary to review with you the dimensions of your Bonsa pot. Others woods are available besides Cherry.

Thank you.
Authentic Bamboo with Panda BearAuthentic Bamboo with Panda BearAuthentic Bamboo makes a wonderful accent plant in any Home or Office....and this one comes equipped with its own Panda Bear (Don't worry, he has been trained not to eat your Bamboo)

Plant Ht: 35"  Width: 20"  Depth: 20"
Planter Size: 7" Round
Panda Bear: under 4 oz.

Approximate Age: 8 yrs 

Cost: $109.00

SOLD ON 5-9-2014

White Crested ThrushWhite Crested ThrushAnother original design by Artist Myrla Bryant in her Asian collection.

Image Size: 13-1/2" width    17-1/2" Ht.

Solid Mahagony Frame: 15-1/8" width   19-1/8" Ht
Medium: Acrylic 

Priced at $95.00   Includes professional shipping for Art objects, Insurance and Packaging Fees

Chinese Characters.....speak out Happiness!
Large Sago Palm
Classic Bonsai Saikei Japanese JuniperClassic Bonsai Saikei Japanese Juniper
Japanese Juniper Shohin StyleJapanese Juniper Shohin StyleAn excellent specimen ...Japanese Juniper Shohin

Tree ht: 4"  Width: 7' Depth: 5"

Price: $55.00 [includes: S&H, Insurance]

Japanese Juniper Shohin Style
Japanese Juniper SaikeiJapanese Juniper Saikei
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