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Japanese White Pine
Japanese White Pine
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This is a "Classic" or "Traditional" style of the JAPANESE WHITE PINE......this tree was originally raised in Japan in a Commerical Bonsai Tree Farm. It's history is one of patience and skill on the part of the attending Bonsai Masters! The Japanese White Pine grows in nature at an elevation of 2,000 feet and above. The first part of it's life was spent in the ground and during approximately 25 years it  grew and developed....showing a sturdy thick trunk! Some of the design was initiated during these years and some took place after it was taken from the ground and placed in a bonsai planter.

This specimen is approximately 70 yrs. old and has recently (within the past two years) been bare rooted, washed, roots trimmed, wired and re-positioned in a larger planter with Premium volcanic bonsai soil.

The Winter Season care of this tree is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT....it must have an environment of temperatures within the high 40's and low 50's in order to successfully enter a dormant period. WITHOUT this dormant period in the winter the tree WILL NOT remain strong and healthy during the Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons.

We offer "at no charge" follow up informational care to whomever purchases this Classic Japanese White Pine!

......... We also offer follow-up care as needed in trimming, wiring and repotting (there are service charges for these)...........

Ht: 21" Width: 29" Depth: 21"
Trunk Diameter: 4"
Approximate Age: 70 yrs. old

Price: $4,850.00
Price includes: Shipping and Handling 
Shipping will be through personal Delivery by NewHampshireBonsai.com to any buyer who is within a 150 mile Radius of Keene, New Hampshire...Please call for further Details....thank you.

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