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We post only a few of our trees on this site. The reason is that we no longer sell directly from the Webpage. Why? For the simple reason that we do not wish to comply and pay significant fees to become a secure Site. This also permits us to keep our prices lower!

 A work-around for this issue is the following: You place a call to Myrla and inquire about the variety of trees that we have at that time!  Then we shall email you a picture of the tree with details. If you wish to purchase the tree, we then shall send you a PayPal Invoice to your phone or computer. Then your new Tree with be shipped to whatever address you desire. Prices quote to your shipping destination will include: Shipping & Handling.


My home is graced with ten of Myrla 's beautiful Bonsai creations, which I have acquired over the years. She is an artist of the first order. She and David have always been promptly and enthusiastically available for any problems that may surface.

Eric C. Herr, M.D.


For a Further review of our previous Bonsai please go to Google.com and type in:  DBMB Bonsai......then from the menu at the top SELECT IMAGES!
this will bring you to our portfolio of trees! Enjoy!

Bonsai Hands On Classes for beginners and Intermediate: includes: pre-bonsai materials, pot, wire, bonsai soil, wire as needed and 1-1-1/2 Hrs of professional instruction with Myrla!

You will finish this course with a completed Bonsai Tree and the knowledge you need to make future trees on your OWN!

Group Discount rates apply: please call Myrla @ 603-757-3594 for registering for a class and learning about the discount rates!
We usually can respond to your need for a class within 2-3 days.

Over the Past 21 years, we have trained many beginning Bonsai Artists.....

Look forward to hearing from YOU.
Myrla & David Bryant

Sago PalmSago Palm

"To Promote and Develop The Art of Bonsai by Teaching & Encouraging People to Beautify their Homes, Offices and Gardens with Bonsai Trees"
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