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HomeBeautifying Homes, Gardens and Offices Across America!

Hands- on- Bonsai Workshop for Beginners!

Discounted Price with Two or More Student......................$50.00ea.

Includes: pre-bonsai material, pot, bonsai soil, wire, mesh & 1-1/2hrs personal teaching !

.................................................................................................................Regular Price: $60.00

Offer ends: October 16th!

We now have expanded our Inventory of Trees and New and Like-New bonsai pots

Thank you for Your Visit!

We have been in business for over 17 yrs. and

 are pleased that we can offer you personalized service for selecting your tree 

 ALSO we offer FREE follow-up consultation!




 We are located in Keene, NH at 484 Marlboro Street, Keene, NH 03431 directly across from Gerkins Sales and Service

If you are traveling from a distance, please give us a call to confirm that we do not have appointments in which case the Studio would be closed briefly....603-757-3594 

Our trees make unique Gifts for that Special Person! 

Bonsai Trees for Home, Garden and Office

Easy-Care Bonsai ...

We create 'one of a kind' trees that will Grace your Home, Office and Garden for many years to come! What you see on our site, is the "actual" tree that you will receive! No substitutes!

Keene, NH .........Studio Hrs:  9am-6pm / Monday-Saturday

                            Special Appointments Available:


 A Bonsai Class will help you to increase your Gardening skills. Relaxed atmosphere: generally one on one teacher/student ratio.

Review fees by clicking on the Service Page......thank you!

 Also we have Gift Certificates for Trees and Bonsai classes! THEY MAKE GREAT GIFTS For Any Occasion!

Studio open 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday / 484 Marlboro Street, Keene,NH

As beauty lovers, we started this business in 1998 with the intent of sharing and beautifying homes and offices across America. The culture of Bonsai and Saikei ( Saikei is the Japanese word for a Bonsai arrangement in a landscape fashion that includes the use of stones) is becoming extremely popular in western nations. To enter a home or office filled with small beautiful trees gives the feeling of being in the midst of nature and when caring for these trees one is involved in an ongoing creation process!

The practice of raising Bonsai trees to beautify your home or office is very relaxing and refreshing. It is also a way for you to participate in an art form with nature that is always changing and becoming more beautiful. If you are already a Bonsai enthusiast, we trust you will find one of our trees suitable for your collection. However, if this is your first Bonsai tree purchase and you are a little nervous about raising one on your own; rest assured that if you love plants and beauty we will work with you to become successful.

Bring the beauty and warmth of nature into your home or office and experience the joy Bonsai Art. Your new surroundings will be enjoyed by all.

The trees you see on our site are the actual trees that will be shipped to you.   Our commitment to you is to provide you with the highest quality of trees and service! When any given tree is sold, we mark them as SOLD; then when new trees are available we placed them on the site for your review.  Our philosophy is first and foremost to create a beautifully balanced design with each tree that will grace your home, garden and office for years to come. We offer free personal consultations (e-mail or phone) with each tree we sell to assure your success in Bonsai Art.

We look forward to being of service to you for many years to come and if you are in the New England area please stop by for a visit (see a Money Saving Idea on our Service Page). For directions to our Studio/Japanese Garden... see. If you click on the "see link" for directions you will be taken off this website to a Google site. When you wish to return to our website, simply click the back button on your Browser.

Thanks again for your visit and we trust we can of service to you!

Marketing vendors please do contact us only by phone [603-757-3594] , thank you!

My home is graced with ten of Myrla 's beautiful Bonsai creations, which I have acquired over the years. She is an artist of the first order. She and Dave have always been promptly and enthusiastically available for any problems that may surface.

Eric C. Herr, M.D.

David  and Myrla Bryant
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