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HomeWe heard NH Bonsai  Has new Trees..Let's all go to  see them!

We want to thank all our Customers for their business during this past year! We have enjoyed meeting each one
of you!



 OUR BIG DISCOUNT IS ACTIVE....  15% off the Trees


 We currently have small, medium

and large in our studio and look forward to your visit!

If you are considering giving a Tree to someone or just a present to yourself during this

season, please shop early to find the best selection!

This discount applies "only" to in Studio purchases and
 ends today 12/31/21!

We look forward to your visit: David & Myrla Bryant

Organic Fertilizer and Bonsai Soil and bonsai pots & tools are available!
This is a  great time to celebrate and learn the Art of Bonsai....We have several trees to choose from and look forward to your visit. Improving our surroundings @ a time like this is a way to lift our spirits and encourage others when they come to our homes or offices!
If you already have a Bonsai Tree and it is in need of repotting, trimming , wiring or just some advice of improving its' looks we are here to serve you!

If you are not interested in visiting the Studio (because of your location), please call and let us know what type of tree you are interested in and we will send you a photo and the cost if we have that type of tree in stock:
And if you like it we will send you a PayPal Invoice and upon receipt of your payment will ship it YOU! 
Pls. email Myrla:   inlabryant07@gmail.com

A Bonsai Tree may be the Perfect Gift to Cheer UP
a Friend or Relatives During this Testing Time..............................Many sizes to choose from!

Call us or email us and we will send you photos to enjoy seeing this NEW art form and enjoy a chat about BEAUTY!...We all need to focus on the GOOD during this time of Testing throughout the World!

Please call Myrla @ 603-757-3594 to ask her about a particular species you are looking for!!!
If you know of a particular tree species you would like and cannot visit us @ the Studio, Please Call me.
If I have it in stock, I will take a picture of it and after reviewing the photo please call with any questions. If you wish to purchase it, I can mail it off to your home or Office. (Shipping and Handling charges will apply of course).

The Studio is open: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm. If you are travelling from
outside of Keene, pls. call ahead to speak with Myrla (603-757-3594)
We look forward to your visit ....Serving the NH community and the and the Rest of America for the Past 22 years!

We post only a few of our trees on this site. The reason is that we no longer sell directly from the Webpage. Why? For the simple reason that we do not wish to comply and pay significant fees to become a secure Site. This also permits us to keep our prices lower!
My home is graced with ten of Myrla 's beautiful Bonsai creations, which I have acquired over the years. She is an artist of the first order. She has always been prompt and is enthusiastically available for any problems that may surface.

Eric C. Herr, M.D.
For a Further review of our previous Bonsai please go to Google.com and type in:  DBMB Bonsai......then from the menu at the top SELECT IMAGES!
this will bring you to our portfolio of trees! Enjoy!
Bonsai Hands On Classes for beginners and Intermediate: includes: pre-bonsai materials, pot, wire, bonsai soil, wire as needed and 1-1-1/2 Hrs of professional instruction with Myrla! I have kept our course prices the same for the past 5 years!  $60 /beginner class and $120/intermediate.  We have gift Certificates for these classes! Group classes (two or more students...beginners....fee is reduced to $55)
You will finish this course with a completed Bonsai Tree and the knowledge you need to make future trees on your OWN!
Group Discount rates apply: please call Myrla @ 603-757-3594 for registering for a class and learning about the discount rates!
We usually can respond to your need for a class within 2-3 days.
Over the Past 21 years here in Keene, I have trained many beginning Bonsai Artists.....
Look forward to hearing from YOU.
Myrla Bryant: 603-757-3594
Email: inlabryant07@gmail.com

Tiger Bark FicusTiger Bark Ficus

"To Promote and Develop The Art of Bonsai by Teaching & Encouraging People to Beautify their Homes, Offices and Gardens with Bonsai Trees"
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